Another actor who’s not toeing the leftist line.

President Obama may be thrilled by his foolish, dangerous decision to appoint lying liar Susan Rice as his new national security adviser, but actor Frankie Muniz isn’t so starry-eyed. Earlier today, the erstwhile star of “Malcolm in the Middle” took to Twitter to slam the latest “#ObamaFail,” urging Americans to “wake up” to the fact that “our president is letting our country down”:

But there’s a price to pay for straying from the liberal plantation:

Yep. Right on cue, Muniz’s candor is earning him plenty of hate from angry Obama sycophants:

Question Susan Rice’s qualifications? He must be on drugs!

Because anyone who dares criticize the president is automatically a knuckle-dragging racist, right?

Charming. Truly.

But for all the bile being spewed Muniz’s way, we hope he can take comfort in the fact that he’s not alone: