No kidding.

As Twitchy reported, late last month, Sen. Dick Durbin actually asked — out loud, mind you — whether bloggers and Tweeters are entitled same constitutional protections as the fabled “real journalists.” As it turns out, he apparently has a kindred spirit in South Carolina dinosaur Lindsey Graham.

Via National Journal:

“Who is a journalist is a question we need to ask ourselves,” [Graham] said. “Is any blogger out there saying anything—do they deserve First Amendment protection? These are the issues of our times.”

“The issues of our times”? Really? We hate to break to you, Lindsey, but last time we checked, the First Amendment applied to all Americans — from “just bloggers” to dim-bulb senators:


He’s out of touch; we’re out of patience.

Take a hike, Senator.



The backlash from First Amendment advocates must’ve gotten to the good senator. Let him be clear:

Bloggers respond:

Oh, and Sen. Graham, just to be clear: bloggers are entitled to all of the freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment.

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