Do you remember when the IRS asked you for receipts to prove that expenses you’d written off on your taxes were genuine, and you replied, “I can’t find them,” and then they said, “that’s OK, just forget about it”? Neither do we.

Put on your irony waders before venturing into this story from the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard:

The Treasury Department’s audit of the Internal Revenue Service’s 225 employee conferences that cost taxpayers nearly $50 million might not be accurate or include all of the IRS expenses because the agency that daily demands records from taxpayers didn’t supply all the receipts sought by the investigators.

In the new audit, which details lavish spending for presidential hotel suites, expensive speakers and exorbitant payments for trinkets including travel mugs and clocks, the Treasury inspector general’s office said that it couldn’t stand by some of the figures in the report because IRS officials didn’t provide documentation.

Many agree that the agency in charge of auditing clearly needs a comprehensive audit:

And the prize for “Rhetorical Question of the Day” goes to…

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