Joan Walsh is one of the most pitiful lapdogs around and that is saying something. This morning, she took to Twitter to pimp her Plouffe-parroting, Issa-bashing spin. Scandals? Nothing to see here! Because, decades-old dismissed charges. It’s all totally Rep. Issa’s fault, you see. Or so say the shameless and delusional.

Pathetic. Buffoons, heal thyselves.

As Twitchy reported, David Plouffe floated this line of politics of personal destruction on Twitter. Good little lapdog Joan immedately answered the dog whistle. Hilariously, she even mentions it , yet claims she totally didn’t like it:

Honestly, when David Plouffe started raising Issa’s past on ABC’s “This Week,” and then on Twitter, part of me winced.

Winced! That’s why she then parroted it. She claimed it was only after she “remembered” it all. Herself. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Twitter users school the buffoonish Walsh.

Next up, some synced scandal spin in the form of the word of the day: Overreach.

That’s right. National Review’s Jim Geraghty destroyed Plouffe’s attempt by mentioning that pesky little fact: Choom boom!

Bingo. Running scared!


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