Indeed they did.

Heh! On Monday, Twitchy told you about the media’s synced scandal spin. Word of the day? “Overreach,” thanks to a ralling cry from the DNC.

Ace writes:

And now someone at the DNC throws out a rope, a rope which, if it appeared in a hack political cartoon, would be labeled “PARTISAN LIFELINE.”

And of course they all scramble for it. They wanted a partisan lifeline, whatever form that might take, and now they’ve been thrown one.

Listen to a roundup of “Operation Over Reach Around” at RedState, then enjoy the #overreach mockery.

They had us all at #overreach. And now, for the Ace of Spades treatment:


Synced scandal spin! Lapdogs concern troll GOP by parroting Dem word of the day: ‘Overreach,’ guys

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