Scandals? What scandals? The big crisis here is the danger of GOP “overreach,” according to Obama media minions!

Yes it is. It’s the word of the day, evidently.

Huh. What prompted this latest absurdity?

Yep, Twitter user @JustKarl breaks it down:

That’s right: First came the DNC memo about GOP “overreach.”

And here come the lapdogs lining up to beg for scraps:

And he is bitterly clinging to it!

Pathetic. Running scared, much like David Plouffe and his nasty attempt at smearing Rep. Issa.

Brit Hume tweets that journos are eager to do “overreach” stories.

Citizens see it for what it is: Panic. Panic like the wind! Real journalists? If by journalist, you mean Obama cheerleader. Sadly, those terms have become interchangeable in most cases.

It is also highly mockable; Take it away, Twitter!

And win:

Do we smell a hashtag?