While the IRS is trying to recover from the political corruption exposed by a recent inspector general’s report, another investigation has turned up dirt — real dirt, and a whole lot more — at EPA headquarters in Landover, Md. That’s right: the inspector general has discovered that the main EPA headquarters requires immediate attention … from the EPA. Your government at work, ladies and gentlemen.

So, just what sort of conditions did the investigation uncover? The full report is available online, but in short, investigators found corrosion, vermin feces and mold, alongside TVs, furniture, unused appliances, a few pianos, stacks of passports with personal information, several “unauthorized personal spaces” and a makeshift gym.


The government leases the space at a cost of around $750,000 a year.

Who wants a gold-embossed EPA mug that might or might not have been found in a pile of vermin feces? Your tax dollars paid for it, after all, and now they’ll pay for the cleanup effort, if that ever happens.


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