Choom Boom! That was beautiful, National Review’s Jim Geraghty.

You see, lying liar who lies, David Plouffe, tweeted this in reference to Rep. Darrell Issa:

Somebody is running scared! Panic. Panic like the wind.

That’s right. Plouffe implied that conservative groups totally had the targeting coming, since they were “flourishing” and all.


Other Twitter users rightly gave David Plouffe the business.

The truth hurts!

Heh. It’s funny, because it could be true. Remember, the Department of Justice reportedly also targeted James Rosen’s parents.

Plus, things like facts and timelines are “irrelevant” according to White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer.

As CNN reports, the decades-old charges against Issa were dismissed. Plouffe continued to grasp at straws, however.

Asked why he brought up Issa’s criminal record from 1972 (when the charges were dismissed) and an arson investigation from 21 years ago where no one was charged with a crime, Plouffe told CNN that Issa’s “ethics issues are far more recent. Look at ethics complaints filed.”

But wait … what about those “ethics complaints”?

There have been at least three ethics complaints filed against Issa, all from left-leaning groups. Complains filed in and of themselves don’t necessarily mean anything, of course. House Ethics Committee or Office of Congressional Ethics judgments are much more important, and as of now there have been none against Issa.

Funny that.

Truth is hard for Plouffe.

You are getting to them, Rep. Issa.

And a plus side to Plouffe’s nonsense.