Liberal actor Alec Baldwin smeared Andrew Breitbart Sunday afternoon. It is the second such attack in less than two weeks:

This time, Baldwin invoked Brietbart’s name in the course of attacking Phelim McAleer, who directed the excellent pro-fracking movie FrackNation.

Baldwin claims he really, really wants to debate McAleer:

Not Capital One, we’re guessing.

In any case, Baldwin apparently had McAleer removed from a panel debate:

Why was McAleer removed from the panel? Because, according to Baldwin, he assaulted Yoko Ono.

In sharp contrast to Baldwin’s insulting language, childish taunts, and ad hominem attacks, McAleer responded calmly and rationally:

In fairness to Baldwin, plugging your ears while she tries to sing is considered assaulting Yoko Ono in New York City.

But the truth does matter here. Baldwin should either provide proof of his odd claim or retract it and apologize.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, for one, has had enough:

Spot on.


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