There’s little less offensive than an insult to your intelligence from one of the main advisers to a party that thinks Joe “three letter word: jobs” Biden is a genius.

Axelrod’s link goes to this story from the Washington Post:

Tea party groups over the past few weeks have suddenly and successfully pressured Republican governors to reassess their support for a rare bipartisan initiative backed by President Obama to overhaul the nation’s public schools.

Activists have donned matching T-shirts and packed buses bound for state legislative hearing rooms in Harrisburg, Pa., grilled Georgia education officials at a local Republican Party breakfast and deluged Michigan lawmakers with phone calls urging opposition to the Common Core State Standards.

It would seem that Axelrod doesn’t like the notion of people opposing federalized standards and testing that could make government math make sense to future generations, as Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin pointed out in February.

When it comes to claims made by David Axelrod, some people instinctively get into “opposite day” mode:


Exxon propagandizes for Common Core during Masters.

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