A lot of people had high hopes for Jake Tapper after CNN lured him away from ABC News with the offer of his own show. Get used to seeing a lot more of Stephanie Cutter, though, whom CNN has hired as its newest political commentator. Cutter previously was Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager, so she has a lot of inside information about the president. She apparently knows a lot about former IRS commissioner Doug Shulman as well; enough, at least, to know his 150+ visits to the White House were anything but nefarious.

No, we can’t say that makes us feel any better. Our memories of Cutter on CNN include her being called out by hosts Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan on her fib about Mitt Romney’s tax cut plan. She also didn’t know anything about Joe “Romney gave my wife cancer” Soptic, despite having spoken with him on an OFA conference call. Tapper himself gave her some heat for that one, but now that they’re co-workers and the campaign is in the rear view mirror, it’s nothing but the truth from here on out, right? And if she has answers about the IRS scandal, we’ve got plenty of questions.



So now we have Stephanie Cutter vouching for the IRS, and Attorney General Eric Holder investigating himself over the AP/Fox News scandal. What could go wrong?

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