Oh, but Democrats have laminated For the Women™ cards. They couldn’t possibly be arguing that a raped woman is better than an armed woman.

Then again, GOP Rep. Steve Stockman’s tweet really isn’t a surprise, is it?

Remember when Colorado Democrat Joe Salazar insisted hysterical womenfolk can’t be trusted with guns because they might misidentify a rape threat? Or how ’bout when Amanda Marcotte tweeted that only the “idiot parade” would think shooting a date rapist would prevent rape?

Bob Beckel wondered if it wasn’t a little much for a woman to shoot her date if he tries to rape her. And Colorado state Sen. Evie Hudak lectured rape survivor Amanda Collins, “Chances are that if you would have had a gun, then he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you.”

But it’s conservatives waging a War on Women, right?

Women shouldn’t “be allowed” to use firearms to defend themselves against rape? Try telling that to all the smart, empowered, gun-totin’ ladies who participated in #LadiesGunNight.

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