She’s allegedly banned from his show now, but in a handful of appearances on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” radio host Dana Loesch did her best to convince “Musket” Morgan that the AR-15 is not just a tool for mass murder, and despite what the vice president might say, its light weight and reasonable recoil make it a better choice for a woman’s personal protection than a shotgun.

We know there are more women than Loesch out there who are exercising their Second Amendment right, and Dana’s husband Chris has put together #LadiesGunNight to highlight that fact. Tonight’s the night, and the photos are beginning to come in.

Photos of women and guns have driven the left crazy before, whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s perfectly coordinated diamond-studded revolver/handbag combo or Olympic trap shooter Corey Cogdell posing with her hunting trophy. What do you say, ladies? Give it a shot and we’ll collect the best here.

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