The real War on Women.

Saudi writer Abdullah Mohammad Al Dawood apparently pens self-help books … and reportedly uses Twitter to urge his nearly 100,000 Twitter followers to harass and intimidate female grocery clerks into staying home. Al Dawood’s tweets are in Arabic, but according to UPI, the misogynist claims his campaign is all about protecting women’s chastity. By groping them into submission.

Gulf News and other media outlets say Al Dalwood used a hashtag translated as #Harass_female_cashiers.

He reportedly justified his depravity with “an obscure story from the early days of Islam about a famous warrior, Al Zubair, who did not want his wife to leave home to pray in the mosque.”

Al Dawood claimed that Al Zubair hid in the dark one night and molested his wife in the street. The wife rushed home and decided against ever going out of her house again, saying that the “there is no safer place than home and the world out there is corrupt”.

Scores of Al Dawood’s followers supported his campaign and condemned the planned anti-harassment law, which comes as employers respond to government financial incentives to hire more Saudi workers, and in particular more women.

He’s also for putting babies in burqas.

While Al Dalwood has his supporters, others who caught wind of his tweets are repulsed and infuriated.