@loriloughlin were we drinking in this picture? and what was I pointing at??

Oh my! As Twitchy reported, actress Lori Loughlin recently joined Twitter. Fellow “Full House” castmate John Stamos immediately greeted her by saying he was “proud to be her first.

Twitter users are loving the Full Twitter House interaction.





They do act like an old married couple with one mind at times:

Heh. Stamos also posted that to his Twitter account.

i guess funny nude statues are not allowed. sorry, how about me waking up with a yellow penguin in my bed?

Snort! Was drinking involved there?

The actor also posted a photo from a Beach Boys concert.

@johnstamos and The Beach Boys take the stage at the Great American Ballpark for a special tribute and Red Cross plea to the people affected by the tornados in Oklahoma.

Last week, he posted another fabulous  photo from a Memorial Day weekend concert with The Beach Boys. The band brought a soldier on stage and Stamos tweeted out the great shot saying, “God bless you.”

Keep the photos coming, John Stamos. Lori Loughlin agrees.


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