Bam! CNN’s Jake Tapper let DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse have it. And for good reason. As Twitchy reported, the Obama administration is now trying to summon journalists for an off-the-record meeting with Attorney General Holder. Funnily enough, some journalists are refusing. Whatever happened to the most transparent administration evah?! And why would they want to privately meet with the James Rosen-targeting Holder? Would they be next?

The DNC’s Woodhouse decided to spin by douche-tweeting. It’s totally the journalists’ fault, you see.

Totally asking for it, right Brad?


Ace of Spades also took to Twitter to slam Brad Woodhouse’s outrageous off-the-record Holder-spinning idiocy.

Thankfully, he wasn’t really speechless. Take it away, Ace!


Citizens are rightly outraged and disgusted.

Ace continues his brilliant analysis.

Heh. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum slammed the “creeping remorse” pro-Holder spin yesterday.

Serious You Guys!

Unbelievable. Yet, totally believable with this disgrace of an administration.


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