Who’ll survive the Obama administration’s scandal longer: Attorney General Eric Holder or Fox News contributor Juan Williams? News that the Justice Department has been tracking both AP reporters and Fox News’ James Rosen has led to some soul-searching by the administration’s usually reliable water carriers, but Williams seems prepared to defend Holder to the bitter end. But why is Fox News employing Williams to put all of the West Wing’s talking points in a blender when liberal blogs would do just as well?

It’s hard to be sure, but Williams seems to think Holder needs to investigate his underlings to make sure real journalists like Fox News’ James Rosen aren’t accidentally caught in the snare set for those rogue bloggers and tweeters Sen. Dick Durbin warned us about on Sunday.

Relax, real journalists: Eric Holder will investigate who’s been monitoring you and make sure it never happens again. What? He personally vetted the search warrant naming Rosen a co-conspirator under the Espionage Act? By Williams’ logic, maybe Holder should investigate the judge who believed that ridiculous claim.



How soon until MSNBC announces a new show co-hosted by Eric Holder and Juan Williams?