Wait, what?

Sen. Durbin (D-Ill.) hit “Fox News Sunday” this morning.

The senator apparently whipped out the “real journalist” card.

No, really.

Unbelievable. Sorry, “just bloggers,” perhaps no protection for you!

Durbin was taking a page from Juan Williams’ book, huh? Remember, he extolled the virtues of “real journalists,” while slamming “just bloggers.” Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin offered up an epic Teachable Moment for him and citizens continued the schooling on Twitter. Perhaps the same must be done for Sen. Durbin?



The Constitution is selective now, evidently.


Bingo. Such is life in the self-aggrandizing beltway bubble.

Dear Sen. Durbin: It is often “just bloggers” who do the jobs that many in the media refuse to do. But, they can’t be bought off by glazed donuts, lame photo montage jokes or a “charm offensive,” can they?


In a nutshell:



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