When Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell was at last found guilty of first-degree murder, pro-choice activists celebrated that rogue outlier Gosnell would be put away and women could once again enjoy safe, affordable and sterile abortions. Maryland might not be the place to seek that particular brand of women’s health care, though; a report released this week by state health officials claims that 12 of Maryland’s 16 surgical abortion facilities were found unsanitary or deficient in some other way.

The investigation was sparked by the death in February of a woman undergoing a late-term abortion at a Germantown clinic, although the report identified “no deficiencies” with respect to her death and cleared the clinic in that case. It did turn up plenty of other problems, though, across the state.

However, they did find that the clinic’s nurses were not trained properly to give sedation medication, the medical director was not properly credentialed, and that one nurse’s license had expired last year.

Inspectors also found that the Germantown clinic didn’t have an emergency policy if patients had to be hospitalized. Staff also failed to pre-clean surgical instruments before sterilization and were filling syringes from vials of medicine meant for one-time use.

None of the issues uncovered was said to pose a health or safety risk, however.