It took less than an hour for breathless libs to find a pitifully stupid way to blame the GOP for the Washington state bridge collapse. Obama henchman David Axelrod is a little slow, but half a day later, he is so on it.

How exactly should Republicans “act,” Axe? Ban trucks?

That’s right, the collapse of the bridge that sent cars plunging into the Skagit River was reportedly caused by a truck. And no, it wasn’t one of those scary looking GOP assault trucks.

Initially, it wasn’t clear if the bridge just gave way on its own. But at an overnight news conference, Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste blamed it on a tractor-trailer carrying a tall load that hit an upper part of the span.

“For reasons unknown at this point in time, the semi struck the overhead of the bridge causing the collapse,” he said.

If Axelrod wants to talk infrastructure spending, perhaps he should read up first. Washington was awarded billions of stimulus dollars. And as Twitchy noted last night, Senate Republicans are hardly against infrastructure spending — in 2009 they proposed an alternative stimulus with $114 billion for infrastructure projects. Surprise! Dems didn’t go for it because the plan included tax cuts.

There’s definitely something shovel-ready around here.

Hey, if we’re gonna waste stimulus dollars anyway …