Update: Watch the full interview. Truly a must-see:

The boom is strong in this one.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed Jack McMahon, attorney for convicted murderer and monster Kermit Gosnell today.

And Megyn Kelly let him have it.

Mr. McMahon grossly referred to Kermit Gosnell as a “gentleman” and a “dream client.” Absolutely sickening, much like Gosnell’s incessant (and evil) smiling throughout the trial that was filled with gruesome and horrifying testimony.

Precisely. Infanticide is gentlemanly? Disgusting.

He continued to try to defend Gosnell’s monstrous acts. A fired-up and rightly outraged Megyn Kelly took him to the woodshed in epic style while she fiercely fought for the unborn.

Just too “messy,” right Senator Reid?






Fight like a girl, baby.



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