Residents of Oklahoma are all too familiar with tornado season, but there’s a new cycle that’s popped up in association with natural disasters; every major storm in a conservative area is now followed by claims of “karma”-driven payback linked to the House’s Sandy relief aid vote soon after the new year. It happened after tornadoes hit Georgia in January, and it’s already begun in connection with the tornadoes which destroyed Moore, Oklahoma just two hours ago. Republicans opposed the Sandy relief package because it was stuffed with pork. As Rep. Paul Ryan explained in a statement, “nearly half of the money in the bill won’t be spent until 2014 or beyond. In fact, some of the new spending would be for claims unrelated to Hurricane Sandy.”

That excuse didn’t wash with opponents, who revive the Sandy aid vote with each new natural disaster. Vanity Fair contributing editor Kurt Eichenwald has an enemies list handy.

Those takers in the red states just keep on taking.

News flash: there was no pork in that Sandy aid bill. All that nonsense about money going to fisheries in Alaska and the Head Start program and Amtrak? Right-wing nonsense.

Eichenwald isn’t alone is rushing to politicize the Oklahoma tornadoes. He and Lizz Winstead have company.

Fortunately, many still incensed by the Sandy aid vote are graciously willing to let the people of Oklahoma have assistance despite the sins of their elected leadership.

* * *

Eichenwald’s on a roll, which we join in progress. He concedes that not all Republicans were blaming Superstorm Sandy on gay marriage.


As tornadoes hit South, libs claim payback for Sandy relief vote; ‘Let them suffer’