If jackass Jay Carney is to be believed, after learning about the IRS targeting conservatives, White House senior staffers decided not to inform the president. According to Carney, it was neither “necessary” or “appropriate” for Obama to know what was going on.

“Not a need” to let the president know about corruption within the IRS? Really?

Why the need to keep the president in the dark, Jay?

Is this customary practice in the White House?

So would we.

While Carney’s story about the president existing in a bubble, insulated from knowledge of developing scandals, is almost certainly B.S., the fact that he insists that Obama doesn’t need to know what’s going on under his nose is absolutely ludicrous — and very troubling.

No leader worth his salt would put up with that kind of crap:


That would be the logical response, no?

The White House Press Corps wasn’t buying Carney’s swill:


Carney may insist that he revels in the questioning, but if he genuinely believes that he’s doing himself or the Obama administration any favors with his whiny obfuscation, he’s woefully wrong.

There is no positive way to spin this.