Just how far into the swamp of moral decay will Planned Parenthood go? Take a look at their newest ad campaign:

Pro-life activist Kristi Burton Brown, who noticed the ad yesterday, is livid:

There should seriously be a prize for anyone who can come up with any sort of legitimate benefit that Planned Parenthood gives babies. How does Planned Parenthood help babies thank their moms? For what?

Planned Parenthood is forever talking about how it provides birth control. Right. A baby who was never born because her mother was on birth control is definitely going to thank Mom for that.

In some insane jump of non-logic, Planned Parenthood is attempting to convince women that their babies will “thank them” for visiting their local clinic. This is no better than Nazis posting signs of happy Jews, thanking the SS officers for the death camps – and the gas chambers in particular.

“Your baby will thank you”? For what?


There is no logic here. None. This is depravity in its purest form.





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