But that wasn’t about to stop President Prop-aganda from turning them into a photo op.

At this afternoon’s joint presser with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, President Obama found himself getting annoyed by the rain. The solution? Send in the Marines — to hold his umbrella. Now, granted, he has a history of umbrella issues:

But let’s face it: ultimately, he’s far too busy and important to hold his own.


Let’s go to the videotape (via The Weekly Standard):

Way to go, POTUS.

Out: I support the troops. In: The troops support my umbrella.

Isn’t there something in the Rifleman’s Creed about fruit?

Hey, why not? Obama’s already metaphorically stepped on them.

The rain let up eventually, and, a sufficient number of photos taken, Obama gave his umbrella brigade the boot:

President Classy. And President Priorities:

What a disgrace.