Jay Carney’s job may have just gotten a little more difficult.

He and the president have repeatedly insisted that the White House knew nothing about the IRS IRS targeting conservative groups — at least until they heard about it from the news. But a new report from Watchdog.org suggests that there isn’t nearly as much distance between the White House and the IRS as the president wants us to believe.

Watchdog.org is a project of the free-market-oriented Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, and this past January December (see Editor’s note), the site saw notable traffic spikes from the Executive Office of the President and the IRS, including over 100 unique visits from the IRS in a single day.

Coincidence? It’s possible. But given the strong political implications of the IRS’ gross misconduct and the White House’s penchant for pleading ignorance when faced with inconvenient truths, it’s not such a stretch to wonder if our government’s trying to pull yet another fast one.


Editor’s note:

Watchdog.org has corrected its initial post to reflect that the traffic spike occurred in December 2012, not January 2013: