As Twitchy reported yesterday, Drudge editor Joseph Curl teased that a CIA source says “still one more shoe to drop” for the Obama administration.

Sheesh! The administration can open a Zappos soon. Today, he reminds citizens to keep their eyes on the ball: The White House knows Benghazi is devastating.

Curl explains why:

Bingo. Remember, Clown Carney parroted President Sideshow’s shameful claim yesterday, saying that Benghazi is a “political circus.” Not only are they grossly diminishing the lives of four dead Americans, but it also looks like a case of protesting too much.

Yep. Axelrod joined in the frantic cover-up spin attempts as well, after a pitiful appearance on “Morning Joe” today.

BS? And, of course, all about Hillary. Sen. Feinstein grossly claimed that as well; Circle those wagons!

People died, Axelrod. Could you possibly cut through your creepy cult-induced haze for just a moment? Protest too much! Protest too much like the wind!

Telling indeed.

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