The White House has just released 100 pages of emails showing edits to the administration’s talking points on the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. The press will have some digging to do, but to be honest, 100 pages is not all that much, and Roll Call’s Steven Dennis thinks he’s found the juiciest page: the one showing CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell’s handwritten edits.

A PDF of the emails dumped today is available here, but Morell’s scribbling out of paragraphs of information is perhaps the most dramatic edit among the batch. What was scratched out? The bit about the advance warning of the attempt to break into the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, all references to Al Qaeda, and reports of five recent attacks on foreign interests in Benghazi. The thing is, we already knew all of this from the hearings. We suspected this too:

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