Revelations about the political thuggery of the IRS are more chilling every day. The Daily Mail reports that IRS creeps ordered Linchpins of Liberty, a conservative educational group that mentors high school and college students, to hand over a list of “who has received or will receive” training.

The founder of the Tennessee group asked The Daily Mail, “Can you imagine my responsibility to parents if I disclosed the names of their children to the IRS?” That’s right: We’re talking about children.

Also noteworthy:

The Inspector General’s report includes a list of ‘the seven questions’ the IRS asked right-wing groups that were later ‘identified as being unnecessary.’

Its request for the list of students trained by Linchpins of Liberty was not among them.

And it doesn’t end there. The IRS reportedly sought donor rolls, prinouts of Facebook posts and more from Tea Party and conservative groups.

But remember, the IRS would have you believe its employees weren’t “motivated by political bias.”