Heh. Jay Carney’s press briefing today (when he finally showed up) turned into mockery gold. In addition to shamefully diminishing the lives lost in Benghazi by calling it a “political circus,” blaming Fox News for the AP scandal and a bout of denial, he uttered some words that became fodder for snark.

First, he fell back on the ol’ “I totally appreciate your questions, guys.”

Man, he sure knows how to consistently lie with a straight face: Check out how many times he said that at the last briefing.

He continued today.

Serious You Guys.


Zing! And that brings us to his other favorite: Unfettered.

No! Don’t be a buzz kill. The subsequent mockery was delicious.


That’s right; It’s catching!

The hilarity continued … and #Unfettered is trending.


Oh dear.

Ah, meme-licious and schadenfreude-licious.


Never change, Twitter.


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