Harry Reid is not that morally bankrupt, is he?

Yes, he is.

In a revolting move, Sen. Reid also blamed pro-lifers, saying that people have been “pushed back into these holes” and that is what led to “convictions of murder for this man.”

The Weekly Standard has more from the sickening Harry Reid:

“I think to keep pushing these clinics back into the situations where they wind up like this is wrong,” Reid said. “I think no matter how you stand on the issue of abortion, people who make that decision should do it and not have to be worried about infections and some butcher like this doing the bad things they do. They should be in a place that’s clean and sterile and have people that know what they’re doing and care about what they do.”

How does he sleep at night?

It is par for the course for the pro-abortion Left of which Sen. Reid is a part, even if he has claimed to be pro-life. Actor Nick Searcy called it last month, asking how pro-aborts could feign outrage at Gosnell. “Was he too messy,” he asked?

Gosnell’s crime wasn’t killing innocent babies. No, no! It was that he did it too shoddily. Should he have polished the jars in which he kept the severed feet of the babies he killed? Were the scissors that he used to snip their necks as he watched them gasp for their first, and last, breaths not shiny enough? Were the toilets in which babies were drowned not sparkling enough?

He dumped a baby that he killed in a shoe box. The baby was so large that his lifeless body hung over the sides. Should he have wrapped the shoe box in velvet to make it prettier, Sen. Reid? Then that would be hunky-dory to you, right? So, it’s just a question of aesthetics to Harry Reid. A gruesome killing machine in a house of horrors would be fine if that house of horrors was totally sterile.

Absolutely appalling.

Gosnell was convicted yesterday. Of course, he made a deal to escape the death penalty today. The innocent babies did not have that choice. And Harry Reid wants to keep it that way, only with more cleaning products.

Twitter users are rightly disgusted by the senator’s repugnant remarks.



Harry Reid proved just how low pro-aborts can go.

Harry Reid is taking a page from President Obama’s book. Pesky babies who refuse to “just come out limp and dead?” Whatever! What’s really important is that abortion remains untouchable. If nearly full-term babies are killed, as long as it’s “clean and sterile” then it’s all good.

By the way, Sen. Reid, it was fear of the pro-abortion lobby that made authorities, including former Governor Ridge, neglect inspections in Pennsylvania. Read the grand jury report. It’s enlightening. As is the fact that “feminists” shriek at the first mention of inspections or standards for abortion clinics. Why? Because some would have to shut down rather than meet basic safety standards. Safety? Ha! It’s all about an agenda and blood money, off of which Gosnell certainly got rich.

Safe, legal and rare? Baloney.


Actor Nick Searcy slams pro-aborts: How can they feign outrage at Gosnell? Was he ‘too messy?’