No, really. Former Obama adviser David Plouffe took to Twitter to spin the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups. And boy, did he step in it.

Important to note that they totally asked for it. By being successful fundraisers.

Then came the immediate backpedaling attempt. Call him out for his ludicrous tweet? You are a conspiracy theorist, natch.

Basically, politics trumps morals. As usual, for Democrats.

National Journal’s Ron Fournier followed up with Plouffe via Twitter.

And by email.

More from Fournier’s article:

I asked Plouffe to respond via Twitter, email or my cell phone. He responded within an hour. Here is his unedited email:

“In terms of impact. Reading much of the coverage layperson would get sense premeditated attempt to effectively silence political opponents. I do think not as a justification but as an evaluation of any impact it is important to note that it would not appear their aims or fundraising were affected. So indefensible behavior by IRS clearly the story. As people are doing analysis it’s a secondary point.”

Oh, well. Stupid laypeople and stuff. Or something.

Twitter users understand more than Smarter Than You Plouffe thinks that they do.

Heh. Good point!

Twitter users respond to Plouffe via Twitter and rightly give him the business.

Yes, David. Keep spinning. Spin like the wind! It can only serve to further expose your lack of morals.


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