News that Eric Holder’s Justice Department has been secretly pulling the phone records of Associated Press reporters hasn’t gone down well, particularly so soon after the IRS revealed it had targeted Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny. The Left thought it was on to something a few months back with tedious comparisons between Sen. Ted Cruz and Joe McCarthy (from Cher, Mike Barnicle, the New Yorker, Chris Matthews and Talking Points Memo, for starters), but that attempt to silence the outspoken Cruz failed miserably.

Attempts to silence actress Stacey Dash through threats and intimidation haven’t made it very far either, and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon. Dash’s full tweet:

Isn’t this how McCarthyism got started?
I don’t scare easily. This administration are a bunch of low level henchmen. We will not be bullied!