Planned Parenthood and NARAL didn’t have much to say while the Kermit Gosnell trial was underway, but once the jury found Gosnell guilty of murdering three babies fetuses removed from their mothers, abortion advocates were quick to celebrate the verdict. After all, with rogue bad guy Gosnell behind bars, abortion will be safe, legal and affordable again. Hooray abortion!

Last we checked, abortion is legal in Pennsylvania, and Gosnell reportedly offered a sliding scale of rates and would even perform abortions without anesthesia to save patients a buck. In fact, Gosnell was found not guilty in the murder of Baby E, described here by LifeNews:

Baby E was estimated to be at least 23 weeks gestation and maybe more. After Baby E was delivered, teen Ashley Baldwin heard the baby cry and called Kareema Cross for help. Cross described the baby’s cry as a “whine.” Baldwin said that Gosnell when into the room then came out with the baby — which now had an incision in its neck — and tossed it into the waste bin.

Even the jury that convicted Gosnell on the other charges agreed that the abortion of Baby E was legal — not to mention the countless other abortions performed at Gosnell’s clinic over the course of decades. Those were legal and affordable.