Attention Candy Crowley: you’re needed for a “fact check” in the White House press briefing room. Once again, someone from the White House is claiming that President Barack Obama described the “spontaneous demonstration” in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11 as a terrorist attack the following day. Obama himself made that claim during the presidential debates and was backed up by “moderator” Candy Crowley who just wanted to “move things along.” Obama thanked Crowley for running interference and encouraged people to check the transcript; those who did, however, learned that Mitt Romney’s claim was correct. But that happened a long time ago; what difference, at this point, do the facts make?

At the risk of testing Mr. Carney’s dwindling patience, how does that explain the president then blaming the video for weeks afterward, both at the U.N. and during an appearance on David Letterman’s show?