Well, nearly three hours after he was supposed to start, Jay Carney finally got around to giving his daily press briefing. And more than four years after President Obama took office, Carney is blaming George W. Bush for Obama-era problems.

When asked about the IRS’ admission that it targeted conservative groups before the 2012 election, Carney wasted no time in linking the IRS official in charge to the Bush administration:

The IRS is an “independent organization,” but apparently not independent enough to be free from Bush’s iron grip.


Bush Derangement Syndrome’s so nice, Jay came down with it twice!

Man! That Bush … still pulling the strings after all these years!

But why stop at blaming former presidents? Why not throw rocks at presidential candidates, too?

Oh yes he did.

He asserted that Mitt Romney’s post-Benghazi press release kicked off an “ongoing effort” to “try to take political advantage out of these deaths.”

But once is never enough.

What year is this?

And who will Carney blame next?

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