Now it’s Media Matters’ time to shine. The Obama administration sent forth its best and brightest to explain to the American people why Benghazi doesn’t deserve our attention, and the answers just weren’t that compelling: the terrorist attacks that killed four Americans happened a long time ago, and what difference, at this point, does it make? Right-wing nut-jobs pressed ahead with their questions anyway, but can they handle the truth? According to the Googles, American embassies were attacked when Ronald Reagan was president, and a lot of people died!

So, do you Benghazi truthers really want to go there? You can’t criticize the Obama administration over Benghazi and worship Reagan, see? Thing is, there’s still that sticking point of where the “spontaneous protest inspired by a YouTube video” story came from, and oddly, Media Matters senior fellow Eric Boehlert didn’t stumble across that detail in the course of his research.

Stop deliberately missing Boehlert’s point, Twitter cons.

Update: Who said anything about “lying”? That wasn’t part of the Media Matters research findings. Did someone lie about the Benghazi attack?


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