Well, actor Ian Somerhalder should know, what with his “global trotting,”as he calls it, all the time. As Twitchy reported, the Better Than You actor wished for people to give up their cars so that he can open his swanky L.A. windows. Oh, the life of a poor little rich boy! Of course, he feels free to travel by jet engine constantly.


But the aristocrat has a way to cover that: Slacktivism! He’s totally going to whine and stuff.

And he’s going to read things! While, you know, flying.

He’ll also chatter. And it’s chattering with oh-so-enlightened Europeans, so that counts extra!

Plus, he’ll pose for pictures.

Love these people- my goal is to see these for ISfoundation.org in every airport in the world in years to come!Awesomeness!

See? He totally means it.

Except for that whole flying for me, but not for thee thing. The lack of self-awareness is staggering. As a reminder, here are just a few tweets about his “global trotting.”

Those were just his travels in the last month. Yes, month.

Elitist liberal hypocrisy on display, once again.