Today’s Benghazi hearing was long overdue, and the first-hand testimony from whistleblowers Gregory Hicks, Eric Nordstrom and Mark Thompson opened quite a few eyes to the game of political hot potato that’s been played in Washington these last few months. The hearing left quite a few wanting to hear more — preferably under oath — from some of the other players, such as Cheryl Mills, general counsel and chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Free Beacon describes Mills as “the whistleblower blocker” who chewed out Hicks for meeting with Rep. Jason Chaffetz without a State Department minder present. That’s quite a charge; could we hear Mills’ side of the story?

The State Department is circling the wagons around Mills, ably assisted by NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who reached out to Hillary Clinton’s aide, Philippe Reines.

More from Reines:

To take a step back, from the moment we learned of the attack in Benghazi, Cheryl Mills did everything she could, round the clock for months on end, right up until our very last day in February, to support our personnel in Tripoli, and keep our 70,000 people worldwide as safe as possible.  Anyone who worked around or with her will tell you she gave every bit of herself to the Department.

Interesting. Others from State are coming forward in Mills’ defense. Remember when President Obama stepped up to defend Ambassador Susan “Spontaneous Protest” Rice from those GOP meanies and called her “extraordinary”? It’s like that. Will #teamcheryl take off?

What’s that sound? A bus?

Hillary? Are you there?