Oh, bless his self-important little heart. He just doesn’t know when to quit!

As Twitchy reported, actor Nick Searcy busted Piers in spectacular fashion after the CNN hackwad attempted to paint Dana Loesch and her family as Lanza 2.0. Now, most people would emerge from a sound intellectual throttling and take the hint that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to back off for a bit. Too bad Piers can’t help but shine the ol’ spotlight on himself.

This afternoon, Mr. Popularity asked his Twitter followers to submit questions for him to answer on his low-rated show. Twitterers, as always, delivered … though not, it seems, in the way he’d hoped:

Frankly, we’re not sure what he’s complaining about. He got plenty of serious questions:



That’s a very serious question, no?




We can only assume that when Piers said he wanted serious questions, what he meant was that he wouldn’t bother with questions that didn’t have to do with how smart and manly he is. He should’ve known he was bound to be disappointed.

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