“Wiseguy” actor Ken Wahl has been “haunted” by the “image of babies’ spinal cords being snipped” by Kermit Gosnell. And somehow that makes Wahl … a racist?

That’s rich, considering Gosnell set up shop in a heavily minority neighborhood and allegedly maintained segregated waiting rooms in his abortion house of horrors.

A former employee testified “that white patients often did not have to wait in the same dirty rooms as black and Asian clients. Instead, Gosnell would escort them up the back steps to the only clean office — O’Neill’s — and he would turn on the TV for them. Mrs. Mongar, she said, would have been treated ‘no different from the rest of the Africans and Asians.'”

White women also received a higher standard of “care,” if you can call it that, according to testimony.

In closing arguments, Gosnell’s defense attorney contended that the accused butcher of women and babies was the victim of an “elitist, racist prosecution.” While a disturbingly small portion of population appears to be familiar with the case at all, evidently that load of crap is reaching some of the public.

It’s obscene.

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