Thankfully you don’t need to wait to see Fox News’ one-hour special on Kermit Gosnell tonight to know what’s in it. Media Matters is on the case and wants you to know the whole point of “See No Evil: The Kermit Gosnell Story” is to equate legal abortions with the atrocities allegedly committed at Gosnell’s Philadelphia “House of Horrors.” Usually MMFA waits until after something’s been broadcast or published to present the results of its “research,” but it seems there’s a lot riding on tonight’s show.

Is that bet still on? So far, the special, hosted by Bret Baier, has covered Gosnell’s radical past of performing abortions using an experimental “super coil,” described as “a plastic ball with razor blades on it.”

Uh oh, this special on a “local crime story” isn’t making abortion look good at all.