As America descends further and further into the grip of the warming climate, citizens are tweeting more and more about the sweltering days and unnaturally hot temperatures. Air conditioning bills are rising, and Ohio is starting to feel more like Florida…

Okay, we lied. Actually, everybody’s tweeting about how hideously cold it is for the beginning of May.

Matt Drudge had his fun mocking global warming alarmists earlier today, while Doug Powers pointed out the absurdity of Al Gore’s prediction that 2013 would be an extremely warm year. Now, the general public is getting in on the act. Here’s a nice selection of how people are reacting to one of the coldest days of one of the coldest springs in recent history.

This has been a cold spring all over the United States. In fact, this isn’t even the first late blizzard post we’ve done this spring.

There are any number of explanations for what’s going on, and some could be constructed to involve a warming climate. However, maybe this is yet another sign that we ought to take a deep breath and concede that we don’t know what the Earth is going to do — and that maybe our science is still too primitive to make grand proclamations of certain doom.

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