It’s tough keeping track of your pills and bills when you’re constantly worrying about Sarah Palin’s uterus. Andrew Sullivan knows that better than anyone, so he’s asking for help:

I’m looking for someone to help me get my life better organized so I can focus more effectively on the Dish, journalism, writing, thinking. The job includes everything that you can imagine: from managing my calendar, setting up travel arrangements, dealing with press inquiries, to handling my in-box, helping me manage real estate, occasional dog-sitting and walking, keeping track of my regimen of medications with doctors and insurance companies, and the conventional office-work the job usually entails.

What that job entails, according to Sully, is being “pro-active in getting shit done.” The pay is “modest,” but the life lessons are sure to be invaluable. Who wouldn’t want to seize this sweet, sweet gig?

Yeah, we’re guessing it might get dirty …

Actually, we know a guy who might be interested:

Those two crazy kids might just find a way to make it work!

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