Bam! As Twitchy reported, Netflix jumped on the lame and tired slam-Palin-bandwagon last night. Netflix’s Twitter account joined in the #SarahPalinFilms hashtag with a swipe using the low-budget film “Iron Sky.” President Palin-caricature plus Nazi invaders? Yuk, yuk, yuk!

Truth. Netflix, you are doing it wrong.

Twitter users also pointed out a little something curious:

Huh. Netfix does offer both “The Undefeated” and “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Gee, we wonder why they didn’t choose either one of those?

The backlash was swift and fierce; way to alienate your customers, Netflix!

Bingo. The insulting lameness of Palin “jokes” makes the offense even worse. Netflix has its foot in its mouth, but citizens are voting (or shopping) with their feet and their wallets.

Free market for the win. And the cancellations begin.

Precisely. Netflix included a photo in its tweet.

As we also reported, Netflix representatives are doubling-down on the idiocy with their replies to angry customers who are cancelling their accounts. There is no hiding, Netflix. The internet is forever. People are fed up and they are not going to take the sneering contempt any longer.


Dear Netflix: Can you see the subscriber exodus  from your Twitter account?

We can.

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