Earlier this year, Chris Christie tore into congressional Republicans for scrapping a pork-laden Hurricane Sandy relief bill. Now, it’s like déja vu all over again. The New Jersey governor is back to his old routine, blaming the House GOP for making life difficult for Sandy survivors:

But of course. Blogger Sister Toldjah was less than impressed:

A disappointment? Perhaps. A surprise? Sadly, no.

Breitbart.com’s Joel Pollak took a shot at getting some accountability from Christie:

Great questions. Unfortunately, Christie wasn’t interested in dignifying them with real responses:

Here’s a fact for you, Governor: The bill you had been clamoring for had not been stripped of “all the pork.”

And when you later demanded that Congress pass a “clean bill”, you tacitly acknowledged that the original Sandy relief package was packed with pork.

You did support it, Governor. Perhaps you need a memory refresher:

Alaskan fishery money was only the beginning.

More on that Senate bill here.

Oh, snap!


Katie Pavlich also checked in to serve up some truth:


One last piece of advice for you, Governor:


(Hat tip: Lee Stranahan)


Pass the pork: Senate OKs House’s $51 billion Sandy aid package; Update: Gov. Chris Christie gives ‘genuine thanks’

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