Late last year, ESPN’s Rob Parker blanched at the idea that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III might be a “cornball brother,” aka a black Republican. So, we can only imagine what Parker’s thinking after seeing this tweet from Griffin:


Naturally, lefties are freaking out:

Can’t let anyone fall out of lock-step!

Awww, what’s wrong, Oliver? Is it too cornball for you?

(See Editor’s note below.)

Snort. In that case, pass the cornballs!

Some people think that Griffin’s tweet is about basketball player Jason Collins’ announcement that he’s gay:

While others think it might have to do with the Redskins’ possible name change:

In any event, here’s something to keep in mind:




It turns out RGIII was just getting warmed up. He checked in later to clarify the definition of tyranny, if not the subject of his earlier tweet.


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

Editor’s note: Robert A. George (@RobGeorge) is a conservative. His tongue-in-cheek tweet was included to draw attention to the stupidity of the “cornball brother” concept. We apologize for any confusion.