Yes he did. In fact, Slate’s William Saletan calls it a “scheme.”

The depravity is sickening. As we reported, Live Action released an undercover video that showed an abortion counselor advocating and sanctioning infanticide. Just “flush it,” she said. Live Action released another horrifying video today.

To the vile and soulless Saletan, the videos exposing those horrifying acts are worse than the acts themselves.

Drowning living babies in toilets? Snipping the spinal cords of children born alive and struggling to take their first, and last, breaths? Whatever! Just don’t be a tattle-tale about it.

Those with a moral compass give Saletan the business.

That would keep him busy for eternity.

We’d say, “shame on you, Saletan” but it is quite obvious that the soulless have no shame.


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