Amazingly, the “entirely hypothetical,” “unlikely” and “extraordinary” circumstance that inspired Sen. Rand Paul’s epic 13-hour filibuster in March demanding answers on the Obama administration’s domestic drone program is proving to have real-life repercussions just a month later. Would it be legal for the administration to use lethal military force against an American citizen in an emergency situation, such as to prevent a terrorist attack?

Sen. Lindsay Graham suggested such an approach today on Twitter, although he was careful to use words like “could” and “may.”

The backlash against Graham — some partisan, some not — was immediate.

Republicans? Even liberal Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald acknowledges that the Obama administration had argued that it had the right to use lethal military force against an American citizen involved in terrorist activity on American soil, and it took a filibuster by Republican senators (not Graham, however — he was at dinner with President Obama) to clarify Attorney General Holder’s position.

While Graham is taking a beating for his tweets, Obama is keeping relatively quiet. Is he considering Graham’s advice? Would he dare say so?

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