Twitchy has been giving you live, breaking coverage overnight of the MIT shooting and Watertown, MA shootout, explosions, and ongoing chase. One suspect is in custody. Another remains at large. The Boston Globe apparently has a source that has definitely tied tonight’s suspects to the Boston Marathon bombing.

Grain of salt. For what it’s worth. We’ll continue to monitor and update as news develops.

On a related note, Boston station WHDH reports that one of the suspects is dead. Grain of salt. FWIW:

Update: Police now identifying second suspect at large as Boston Marathon bombing suspect “in the white hat” depicted in photos released to the public.

Update: The suspects have been named — Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi.


Reports: Watertown, Mass.-area carjacking possibly related to MIT shooting, police chase, explosions, gunfight [pics, video]

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State trooper shot, killed on MIT campus; shooter on the loose [pics]

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